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I am a retired science teacher who loves creative endeavors. I love to learn. I love to laugh and make people laugh. I am married to a wonderful man and have one beautiful, brilliant daughter. My first grandson was born 2/17/2010!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Internet Goodies!

Well here I am again, night #2 of a hateful virus that has me feverish, then freezing (malaria?--no, that's a sporozoan!) Except for steping out on the porch to snap a couple of photos, I have spent my day (and now my night) surfing the net in search of all things needle worthy.

I recently joined the Yahoo group of Crazy Quilting International. It's actually 4 groups and you need to join all 4 to access all it's features:

Click to join crazyquiltinginternational

Click to join crazyquiltinginternational

The eye candy alone is worth the trouble. It's so rich, you can feel your teeth rot when you look at it!

I visited fellow members' blogs:

http://pinyoncreek.blogspot.com/ (Be sure and click on the photo on her July 24, 2010 post so you can get a better look at this gloriosity!)

http://www.shawkl.com/ (Ummm,umm,ummm, what beautiful work and generous giveaways!)

http://olderrose.blogspot.com/ (Check out her tutorials.)

http://dianem.wordpress.com/ (She knits preemie caps!)

http://www.pintangle.com/ (I recently joined her "Stitchin Fingers" group.)

http://karensouth.blogspot.com/ (I was inspired by her vintage ladies!)

http://kerrykatiecakes2.blogspot.com/ (Did I mention eye candy?)

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